C-Hub: Youth Participation and Employment Engagement


Youth development and employment represent key challenges in Jordan. According to the 2015 national census, 64% of Jordan’s 9.3 million people are under age 30 with high unemployment rates; 24.1% for women and 15.3% for men. Today, we do not only need to create more decent jobs but, also, we ought to draw attention to the transition state between school and work, to have a decent and fair working environment, fair wages that are matching the local socio-economic context, to ensure offering a relevant education programs with a good quality, a reputable vocational training capacity building and the decompartmentalizing of the traditionally gendered restricted sectors.

We aim through this project to provide young women and men with the opportunity to develop their creative entrepreneurship competencies and their employability prospects utilizing a series of workshops consisting of a number of modules, assignments, practical workshops, and coaching sessions.

The C-Hub takes this idea a step further and provides the youth with an innovative environment in which they are able to learn and create by themselves. Besides, it was developed through a process of co-creation with youth who self-identified this need during the Innovation Path workshops. This solution embodies a transformation that will generate an impact in their lives.