Social Cohesion

Youth for Social Cohesion

Youth for Social Cohesion aims at building the capacity of young women and youth (emerging artists and youth in general) to promote social cohesion through the creation of art-youth-led initiatives and general youth-led initiatives. The project is based on the creation of an alternative narrative which promotes social cohesion through arts and cultural productions against discrimination and exclusion.

The project directly targets young women and youth who are emerging artists and young women and youth in general with the age group of 18-30 and living in Amman, Zarqa, and Balqa. Youth will be provided with residential training in addition to coaching on social cohesion concepts, artistic methodologies, and approaches as well as the development of youth initiatives. Coaching will take place at either I Dare or the C-Hub as both provide an eco-system for the youth to support their learning and creative objectives. Coaching for both Art and general groups will happen simultaneously in order to harmonise the efforts of both groups.

The philosophy of how the youth initiatives and public events will be formulated follows I Dare’s Mission which is about positive youth development. In principle, I Dare creates an ecosystem where youth can acquire competences and they themselves decide about the creation process. Therefore the nature of the general and art initiatives and public events rely on youth themselves. Intentionally, this is a space for youth to create their own initiatives. This project is funded by the IM Swedish Development Partner (IM) Jordan.