Community Change Behavior

Positive Community Change Behaviour 

Tangible Achieved Impact 

Through I Dare, we believe that each project we are implementing it has to achieve two important points; to have a tangible impact and to be sustainable. This is our philosophy behind our work in addition to the fact that our projects are stemming from the needs of the communities we operate in and all of that is backed by a great deal of passion and believe in why and how we are doing it. 

At I Dare we use social marketing (not social media, it is a positive community change behavior) for “areas” that are usually is not being addressed with such approach within the development sector. Social Marketing is widely used in environmental and health-related projects; such as birth spacing, breast cancer checkup after 40, conscious use of water and so on. There are very rare cases where social marketing is used in any other areas.

At I-Dare we are using social marketing in our work in spreading Online Love Speech, and in Preventing Violent Extremism for instance. 

Social Marketing

We set strategies, design, and implement “marketing mix” related to achieving interventions which aim to achieve a sustained and a beneficial social behavioral change within the targeted communities. It is all about understanding better the targeted audience and moving from there in setting programs that are matching the audience persona, cost-effective, creative and impact oriented. 

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