Articipate: Youth Participation through Art-Based Methods 


The story of ARTicipate concept started in 2011 with Can Yama Kan long-term project which is focused on human rights education for children using storytelling. ARTicipate is based on non-formal learning methodology created under I Dare for Sustainable Development scheme in order to promote social activism and citizenship, as well as youth participation through art. ARTicipate aims to become a growing platform for artists-activists and youth to express themselves and to carry out local initiatives with social impact through art-based methods as well as promoting social entrepreneurship through art for development initiatives.

Among many others, some of the initiatives that are already taking place under the approach of ARTicipate are; Hekaya theatre: the theatre of difference aimed for kids and teens, Comicipate: youth participation through comics,  Fire theatre and, Mime theatre and workshops.