Narrative 2250

Youth to promote the culture of positive peace and alternative narrative

As part of I Dare’s efforts in creating and in enriching an alternative narrative to hate and violent content, we are launching a new project in partnership with Mennonite Central Committee that aims at working closely with 12 young people living in Jordan over a long-term period in enriching the content of the alternative narrative.

By providing an action hub which is ‘an eco-system’ that is rich in experiential learning, reflection, and space for self-development we invite you to take part in the Daring Hub and to join our team in creating and in enriching audio-visual contents to strengthen the community resilience.

How to take part? by reading the information provided here and by sending us your application. 

What will you do? you will have the chance to learn, reflect and to self-develop as there will be lots of related sessions that will be conducted. There will a mentor to supervise your learning process.

What is the time commitment expected of me? 30 hours per week and you will be joining our creative and multi-cultural team at the Daring Hub. Our office is in Amman, Shmesani area and we are very close to Dakhlye circle. Symbolic fees are dedicated to cover your transportation costs to the office. 

What is the time frame? it depends on each person and his/her learning needs. As after you submit your application and going through the interview and when the selection is done, our team, will make a needs assessment to check on your motives and learning needs. The duration for joining the project is between 1-6 months.

Which audio-visual content I will be creating? check the content we have published on our blog The Alternative Narrative Knowledge Hub. Each participant will need to complete a certain number of content. 

How does it work? By sending your application through filling in this online form by 15 July 2018.