The concept of Comicipate was developed back in 2011 after a partnership building project that was implemented by Irenia organization entitled “Living together in the Mediterranean”. Since then the project was selected twice by programs related to social entrepreneurship in Barcelona and by the EUNIC program in 2013 for further development. 

In 2017 and through the ACERCA program by the Spanish Embassy Comicipate was implemented in its first edition were we gathered 14 emerging comic artists living in Jordan and under the supervision and coaching by Yorgos Konstantinou (Barcelona based Greek visual engineer, graduate in Visual Communication at the Berlin Arts University) and Melandros Ganas (Cyprus-based Greek comics scholar, independent-comics editor and award-winning scriptwriter), both with a long experience in creating, editing and teaching comics, have developed a methodology based on a series of innovative learning tools. The first edition of the Comicipate project was dedicated for the theme of “Peace” the theme for the 2018 edition will be dedicated to the “Social Justice”. 

As a result of the Comicipate project and with the support of ACERCA Program through the Spanish embassy, Comicipate managed to issue a comic magazine with the name Ya’ni which is considered to be the third comic magazine in the history of Jordan.